The 2nd Book: Diamond Geezer

Sandra Prior’s second book, Diamond Geezer will be out on the 30th Jan, 2014.  It will be available as a paperback and on kindle.

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The Book: Dangerous

If you love reading books by Martina Cole, Jessie Keane, Kimberley Chambers, you’ll love taking a trip back in time to the East End’s underworld in Sandra Prior’s Dangerous…

Bobby Taylor is the epitome of dangerous. He’s a king pin who has amassed enough gang ties in his life to fill the Royal Opera House. But on November 5, 1971, Bobby’s underworld lifestyle finally caught up with him. While those who loved and hated him try to get over the shock of his sudden death, it’s now up to Bobby’s son Mickey to settle old scores and figure out what really happened to his dad.

Mickey is no stranger to this seedy underworld. He grew up idolizing his dad’s lifestyle and tried to mimic his every move. Once he was old enough to make a mark of his own, Mickey earned the nickname “Dangerous” — and he’s done everything he can to live up to it.

He’s obsessed with power, hatred, and now revenge.   Find out more about The Book: Dangerous here

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About Sandra Prior

Sandra Prior couldn’t be more different than Bobby Taylor, the kingpin whose death set off a firestorm in Dangerous, her first novel.

Sandra had a storybook childhood — complete with four sisters and a brother, and parents who lived in the same Dagenham home for more than half a century.  She describes her childhood as “sunny and safe”, living in a place where you could play for hours and wander the streets with your friends, without any fears.

Today, Sandra lives in Clacton with her partner, her youngest son, and her two dogs — who, she notes, were kind enough to “let” her write Dangerous in between their walks on the beach.

Unlike other writers, Sandra took a different path to get where she is today.   Dangerous isn’t the result of years of schooling and formal writing training.  In fact, while she was raising her young children, Sandra took evening classes to complete her English and math qualifications (as she puts it, “I didn’t do what I should have at school.”).  After that, she headed off to the University of East London — where she earned a degree in Cultural Studies.    Find out more about Sandra Prior here.