If you love reading books by Martina Cole, Jessie Keane, Kimberley Chambers, you’ll love taking a trip back in time to the East End’s underworld in Sandra Prior’s Dangerous…

Bobby Taylor is the epitome of dangerous. He’s a king pin who has amassed enough gang ties in his life to fill the Royal Opera House. But on November 5, 1971, Bobby’s underworld lifestyle finally caught up with him. While those who loved and hated him try to get over the shock of his sudden death, it’s now up to Bobby’s son Mickey to settle old scores and figure out what really happened to his dad.

Mickey is no stranger to this seedy underworld. He grew up idolizing his dad’s lifestyle and tried to mimic his every move. Once he was old enough to make a mark of his own, Mickey earned the nickname “Dangerous” — and he’s done everything he can to live up to it.

He’s obsessed with power, hatred, and now revenge.

Mickey refuses to simply settle in as the leader of his dad’s gangland empire. Instead, he will stop at nothing to get answers about Bobby’s death. He’s not afraid of anything — which is proof of just how dangerous he is.

But in his quest for answers, Mickey gets a little more than he bargained for. He has to deal with a broken mother who suffered endless beatings at Bobby’s hands. He has to tap into all of the secrets that his brothers and sisters have never dared to tell. He has to dig through memories of rape, violence, and drug abuse in order to get to the truth.

Most importantly, he has to wonder if one of his family members finally couldn’t take anymore of Bobby’s abuse. After all, they each had plenty of reasons for wanting him dead.

Will Mickey get the answers he’s looking for?

Will his family ever be able to rise above the horrors that Bobby left behind?

Will Mickey be able to protect the family members he has left?

One thing’s for sure . . . This will be the most dangerous thing he will ever do . . .

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